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 Tatiana Avakian
Be so good they can’t ignore you.
— Steve Martin

Tatiana Avakian, Attorney Testimonial - “She gave me great direction, she took great pictures…I really LOVE all of them!”

Get Noticed! Elevate your Career with a Personally Branded, Fully Retouched LinkedIn Profile Picture.

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How will a Professional LinkedIn Photo Help Boost Your Career?

No one likes to be judged. In a perfect world, this quote "Do not judge a book by its cover" would be true.  Sadly, we exist in an imperfect world as Mike Markkula reminds us in the Apple marketing philosophy, "People DO judge a book by its cover. We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software etc.; if we present them in a slipshod manner, they will be perceived as slipshod; if we present them in a creative, professional manner, we will impute the desired qualities." 

As business professionals in Los Angeles & Ventura County,
we all must put our best Face forward. In today's internet-driven world,

we only have a split-Second To make that brilliant first impression.
Your Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture, will Do Just That.

By upgrading your personal brand with a professionally retouched  LinkedIn Photo you will elevate yourself in the online world. Your welcoming expression and pose in your LinkedIn profile picture, along with your finely-tailored wardrobe in your updated corporate portrait will open doors to new opportunities. Your expression counts; it expressed your online disposition and viewers will determine if the like you or not in merely a moment. A hastily-shot, candid, mobile phone photo (below) could potentially put up barriers, sending a message that you didn't care enough to take the time and effort to present yourself as the true professional that you are. In a highly competitive marketplace like Los Angeles and Ventura county, you want to give yourself the competitive edge. Professional LinkedIn photo will do just that.

 Tamara Dull
 Tamara Dull
How do you represent your personal brand? With a mobile phone snapshot or a professionally retouched corporate headshot?   (See before and after retouched gallery.)

How do you represent your personal brand? With a mobile phone snapshot or a professionally retouched corporate headshot? (See before and after retouched gallery.)

Professional Retouching offers subtle weight-loss, skin softening, virtual backgrounds, teeth whitening, stray hair removal, wrinkle removal, straighten folds in clothing, and more…

Professional Retouching offers subtle weight-loss, skin softening, virtual backgrounds, teeth whitening, stray hair removal, wrinkle removal, straighten folds in clothing, and more…

Great Business Headshots for Your LinkedIn Profile Pictures
Need a Little Coaching to Help You Look Your Best

As a professional photographer with over twenty years of experience, I am here to coach you, to help you create an indelible image that helps you create a wonderful, approachable online persona. The rapport you develop with your photographer will ultimately show on your face, in your pose and in your body language. You want to offer your audience an intuitive warm, welcoming expression with a sparkle in your eye to send a message that you are easy to talk to; a person they may want to get to know better.

Let me help you capture the best “you!” Take a moment to study the images on my website. You may notice that intangible sense the person is friendly, the slight upturn of the corners of the mouth - that twinkle in they eye -(no furrowed brows or defensive posture here), just warm, welcoming expressions. These moments take time to capture in a still image. When a person walks into my residential studio, they immediately feel “at home.” We are not rushed, we get to know each other, discuss the best clothing choices from the selection you brought. We do a makeup, hair, and jewelry check. We even stop and look for lint and stray hairs to make sure your photo will be “picture perfect!” I give you a chance to relax, feel calm (music playing!) to not feel stressed by standing in the spotlight. We talk, we laugh, we take time to get to know each other - which ultimately turns into a LinkedIn photo that sends that sends a warm, welcoming message out into the world!


Want a 30-Minute Linkedin Photo Session?

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Coaching you through your headshot session - we will discuss:

  • where you will use your image - (just on your LinkedIn profile? for conference catalogs? email signatures? websites? PowerPoint presentations?), school applications?

  • when was the last time you took a professional headshot? Will you be using this for the next 5 years? where might you need to use it during that time.

  • direction of your image (looking left or right - on LinkedIn, we want to make sure you are not looking off the page into the margin!

  • LinkedIn photo background color(s) - (during our 30-minute session we can try a few color choices).

  • posing - lean on your knee or hand?

  • hand and arm positions

  • jewelry and watches

  • necklines that flatter (v-neck vs. scoop neck)

  • quality of fabrics (see through materials in blouses will show under garments), too textured (knits) will cause moire patterns, small patterns/strips will cause wavy lines in digital imagery

  • Will you need a professional makeup artist or hairstylist? (referrals available) - if not, the best techniques to prepare your hair and makeup for the shoot

  • I will send out a wardrobe guide to help you prepare in advance.

Not to worry - I’m here to help guide you every step of the way! The more prepared you are prior to arrival, the more relaxed you will be and the better your professional photo will turn out!



#1 Tip - Build Your Personal Brand
“Invest in a Professional Photo”

In this Forbes article -
according to a 2016 LinkedIn survey,
your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed
if you have a LinkedIn photo, says Sandra Long, consultant and author of LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. She says: “If you can afford a professional photographer, it is usually the best investment you can make in your personal brand and self confidence.”


LinkedIn Profile Picture - Absent - Not Recommended

LinkedIn Profile Picture - Absent - Not Recommended

LinkedIn Profile Picture - Professional Headshot - Highly Recommended

LinkedIn Profile Picture - Professional Headshot - Highly Recommended

Here are a few Statistics and Research
on Why Your Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture
Can Positively Influence Your Career…In a BIG way!

Forbes contributor and psychotherapist and international bestselling author, Amy Morin, shares a new research study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that someone’s first impressions of you from a photograph are likely to stick even after you meet in-person.

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Plays the Biggest Role in Determining Whether You Land A Job

Two good reads from Harrison Monarth and Kim Lachance Shandrow at Entrepreneur Magazine, to help you make your decision to invest in updated, outstanding professional headshots:

7 Tips to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Picture is Helping, Not Hurting, Your Prospects

3 Ways You Might Be Screwing Up Your LinkedIn Profile and How to Avoid Them

DMR Business Statistics offer 22 Interesting LinkedIn Job Statistics (December 2018) -

Did you know that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates?

15 Million active job listings on LinkedIn & 20,000 US Companies use LinkedIn to recruit

Jeff Bullas, on his blog, shares 25-LinkedIn Facts and Statistics You Need to Share:

Including a Photo on your LinkedIn Profile will increase your Views 11 times!

1 out of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn

Huffington Post contributor, and President of Netability, Inc, publisher, editor and chief writer for and, Susan P. Joyce, outlines in this article why credibility, recognition, visibility, personal appeal and personal branding by posting a good headshot photo are vital to complete a winning LinkedIn Profile. She emphasizes that a “complete profile which includes a headshot is 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn than incomplete profiles.”

5 Reasons to Have a Photo in Your LinkedIn Profile

Entrepreneur Magazine’s, contributer Laura Entis featured this infographic which outlines why 90% of employers recruit through social media and spend 6 seconds per LinkedIn Profile (19% of that time looking at your LinkedIn Profile Picture) - recommending you hire a professional photographer.

What Your Profile Photo is Telling Employers (Infographic)


Many people don't realize that they may be hiding their LinkedIn profile picture from everyone but their 1st-degree connections. Everyone else sees a blank avatar, including your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections and people who find your LinkedIn profile via Google search.

Is your LinkedIn Photo Hidden from the World? Here’s how to check…

Once you have your newly retouched professional LinkedIn profile picture, make sure the world can see it! On LinkedIn, you may have your public settings turned off! This helpful video by Bo Gowen shows you how to make sure your pearly whites are visible to the maximum amount of your fans!



LinkedIn Profile Picture — FAILS — What *NOT* to Do with your Headshot.

LinkedIn to Leads’, Trevor Turnbull, offers some great examples of PHOTO FAILS on LinkedIn Profile Pictures, tips on what NOT to do. He even shows us a person who posted a shirtless image! Hmmmm… Your LinkedIn photo should showcase YOUR face at your best. You never get a second chance to make that first impression!


  1.  Ventura County Chamber of Commerce - 505 Poli St., 2nd Floor, Ventura, CA 93001 - (805) 643-7222

  2. City of Port Hueneme - 250 N Ventura Road, Port Hueneme, CA 93041 (805)-986-6500

  3. Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce - 350 S. Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 - (213) 580-7500

  4. BNI Ventura County - 1237 S. Victoria Ave., #296, Oxnard, CA 93035 - (805) 850-0157

  5. West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce - (818) 347-4737

  6. Networking Meetup Groups - Woodland Hills, CA

  7. San Fernando Valley BNI Chapter - P.O. Box 1348 Simi Valley, CA 93062-1348 (818) 532-2963

  8. San Fernando Valley Women's Networking Group - Woodland Hills, CA (818) 881-9262

  9. Hispanic Business Network - 6811 Valley Circle Blvd. #34, West Hills, CA 91307 (323) 553- 1426

  10. LeTip of Calabasas, CA 24005 Calabasas Road, Calabasas CA 91302 (818) 225-0100


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Before and After Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture Retouching - Notice smile adjustment, weight-loss, skin softening, under eye circles, neck crease removal, reduce wrinkles, lighten brow crease and smile lines.

Before and After Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture Retouching - Notice smile adjustment, weight-loss, skin softening, under eye circles, neck crease removal, reduce wrinkles, lighten brow crease and smile lines.