How long is a Portrait Session?

Sessions last 1 – 2 hours depending if it is a studio session or on location in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Malibu, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Encino, Camarillo, Oxnard or Ventura. We serve the Los Angeles County and Ventura County areas. Destination shoots are available by appointment.

How long is a Corporate Headshot Session?

A business portrait session is 30 minutes for the shoot and 30 minute immediate selection of your image(s) directly after the session.

How long is a Glamour or Boudoir Session?

Glamour sessions are more involved and depending on how many looks you are going for during the session may last 3 – 6 hours. It will also require time for makeup and hair styling and wardrobe selection. Before your shopping trip to Victoria's Secret...give us a call!

What should we wear for a Family Portrait session?

Wardrobe and styling are based on your needs. A private styling consultation appointment is recommended for a family portrait session to determine choice of clothing based on your product needs. If you are looking for a wall portrait we will design a shoot based on your home décor and color scheme. If you are looking for an album, we may design the clothing based on the style of album your desire.  We will discuss background colors vs. on location color schemes and how it will work into the design of your image(s).

What should I wear for a Corporate Portrait?

We advise you on hair, makeup, nails and clothing based on the brand you would like establish for yourself. Formal corporate, or informal / casual based on your personal style. We offer excellent makeup artist and hair stylists to finish your image professionally. We will guide you on what colors and fabrics will work best for digital images and how they will enhance the overall image. We privately advise you based on your image goals. Actors and Business Professionals require a different approach for their LinkedIn Headshot and we personalize your photography experience to your personal portrait needs.

Do I need to hire a Professional Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist?

Not necessarily but if you want the ultimate finished results we recommend it. We offer a number of local professionals to help you decide on your final look. We use the best in professional studio lighting which can brighten your overall skin tone. For this reason we recommend that you use darker makeup than you would in daily life (i.e. theatrical stage makeup does the same thing and the makeup used in live theater is exaggerated for optimal results.) We recommend darker and glossier lipstick to define lips from skin tone, and eye liner to enhance the whites of the eyes (for women). If your skin has a shine to it we recommend powder to reduce reflective shine in your images. We also recommend you do not circle your eyes with eyeliner as it will shrink the appearance of your eyes, but rather darken the outer “V” of your eyes to make them appear wider apart and more open. We ask that you let us know your height, and what side you part your hair on so we can prepare our studio lights in advance to optimize the results of your portrait session.

Do I need a Manicure?

We recommend it if you plan on including your hands in your portraits. Longer press on nails, or a French manicure are a good option. These neutral colors will allow for wardrobe and color changes which will not interfere or draw the eye away from the face as your focal point.

Wardrobe Tips

We recommend all clothing be lint free and fully pressed. Our lenses and gear is extremely sharp and precise and will pick up the smallest piece of lint on dark clothing. Wrinkles are very difficult to remove in post-production, so please bring crisp, pressed clothing. Please, no white socks with dark pants! Please note - curled collars under business suits will not flatter you so please take note of a pressed collar.  We recommend long sleeves for women for business portraits, as arms are often not as flattering as you might expect. A constructed suit is often more flattering than a sweater, for the clean line looks best. A white or light solid shell beneath a suit looks clean and elegant. Darker colors will slenderize. We highly recommend solid colors so that the focus can be your face. V-necks are often slenderizing for women. Women, please note sometimes undergarments show beneath transparent fabric or will show a seam line (i.e. a brassiere with seam in it.) Please try on clothing in advance to check for unforeseen bumps or bulges. Please make sure clothing fits properly – too loose will show a lot of creasing, too tight will not be flattering either. Please avoid knit fabrics which may cause a moiré pattern inside a digital camera and is a defect that is very difficult to remove.


We do not want to dictate your personal style but usually for a Corporate Headshot, simple is best. Small earrings and a simple necklace that does not twist often and that the clasp stays behind your neck are best. Small rings or small watches will keep the focus on your face where it belongs in a photograph. Please be sure that the necklace is long enough to go over the neckline of your shell or blouse or is short enough to be above it. It is not recommended that it directly hits the neckline.


In our portrait design session we will discuss your needs. If you would like special props, they are always welcome. For example a musical instrument or sports gear, toys or a special memento. We offer some props in our studio but like to customize your experience and we will set up a detailed plan to perfect your images!


For pets, please bring a leash, a brush and any treats or squeaky toys that might get their attention.

What Do I Bring to my Portrait Session?

We recommend you bring makeup and hair products just in case we need to touch up your makeup or hair (even if you choose to hire a makeup artist or hair stylist). A change of clothing is always recommended just in case a blouse is see-through with the lighting and you didn’t anticipate it or perhaps the color is not quite right. A few jewelry options will be helpful if your neckline changes. A lint brush can help in a pinch.  Lip gloss or face powder to reduce shine, is very helpful as well as hair spray.

Good Planning = GREAT RESULTS!

As you can see we focus on the tiniest details, so you don’t have to. Good planning will result in a beautiful corporate headshot or portrait, so we can focus on eliciting the best pose and expression possible!

Our studio is located in Agoura Hills. We also shoot on location in the Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valleys, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We look forward to working with you and making your portrait session and wonderful, fun and memorable experience!